Functions of Council

Council for Foreign Residents


Functions of Council

Provide information pertaining to the steps necessary to complete any type of procedure within the different Town Hall and Public Administration departments:

  • Census
  • Register of Inhabitants
  • Land/Property Registry
  • Capital gains tax
  • Social security
  • Town planning
  • Treasury
  • Utilities (Aquagest, Sevillana, Telefónica)
  • INEM (National Employment Office)
  • Tourism
  • Courts
  • Civil Registry
  • Applications
  • Opening Licences
  • Minor Building Work Licences
  • Local Police.

Our daily functions

On a daily basis we accompany foreign residents who request us to do so to other Departments in order to simultaneously translate what they seek to convey.

Similarly, the personnel in the International Residents Department are frequently in demand by personnel from other departments for the same ends.

  • Provide information about events in our own Department, as well as all other Town Hall Offices/Departments by electronic mail, telephone and in person, in writing and through the Town Hall’s website.
  • Perform translations for the Town Hall Departments that require them (Environmental Campaigns, official communiqués, letters received from non-Spanish-speaking foreign residents)
  • Promote associationism amongst foreign collectives.
  • Track the petitions received through the Incoming Municipal Register from foreign residents, for the purposes of shortening response times.
  • Personalised attention at Foreigner Associations to help them with everything required for their daily activities.
  • Organisation of events (informative seminars, international days, trips, cultural visits, sporting events, concerts, art exhibitions …) for the participation of foreign residents.
  • Create awareness of our culture amongst foreign residents for the purposes of ensuring that their integration in our country and within our municipality takes place as quickly and as easily as possible.
  • Residents registration campaign.